Conservation Unleashed.

Bringing the conservation detection dog method
to the forefront of scientific research.


Who said you can’t teach a rescued dog new tricks?


Rogue Detection Teams has extensive experience in noninvasive surveys with the aid of rescued dogs turned conservation super heroes. We offer knowledgeable field teams and hands-on instruction for researchers, aspiring dog handlers, and citizen scientists. Our vision centers around collaboration and community involvement to bring skilled research methods to the field to tackle the most pressing conservation concerns of today.


Trail Blazers

We adopt the K9 scamps of the shelter world, those dogs deemed too wild to be pets, and teach them in scent detection. Together we travel to wild spaces and places, working hard to conserve them, one non-invasive project at a time.


What We Do


Study development

We assist in designing study methods that provide efficient data collection, always customized to our clients’ needs.


data collection

We collect and store samples using the highest level of care to prevent contamination or decay.



We never stop learning, and we use our ongoing education to train others in the art and science of the dog detection method.


Our Clients

We work with scientists, conservation organizations, nonprofits, corporations, universities and more. Location is no obstacle, and we travel around the globe to sniff out data and help our clients answer important conservation questions with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy.


Our Experience



rescued dogs

taught and set loose



explored by our teams



we can detect - and counting!


Get Involved

We would love to hear from you! If you’re interested in deploying us for your research, consulting with us, holding an outreach event, hosting a class, volunteering or just saying hello, please get in touch!